Additional information on car and deep cycle batteries maybe found on the Web site at http://www.batteryfaq.org/. For example, there is a frequently updated list containing hyperlinks to lead-acid battery manufacturer's sites, battery brand names, private labeling information and telephone numbers. There are two lists with hyperlinks to battery related product information and references about lead-acid batteries, for example, charging systems, regulators, isolators, test and monitoring systems, associations, books, magazines, history, directories, standards, etc. Also, there is a zipped (.zip) file of all documents and graphics contains of this Web site. It can found at BatteryFAQ.zip.

Some of the battery manufacturers and distributors have a Battery FAQs posted on their web sites in addition to product information, specifications and charging voltages and procedures. Web site addresses will often change, please use an Internet search tool like http://www.google.com/, https://www.yahoo.com/, etc. to locate the new addresses. These search tools are very effective in finding specific topics as well.

For additions, errors, omissions, comments, suggestions, broken link notifications or questions, please send e-mail to wdarden@gmail.com.

I highly recommend that you hyperlink to http://www.batteryfaq.org/ rather than republishing any of these documents because the information is frequently updated to keep up with advancements in batteries and changes in the battery industry, resources, hyperlinks, telephone numbers, etc. Revisions will be indicated with a more recent date. These documents are in the public domain and can be freely reproduced or distributed without permission. Attribution is always appreciated, but not required.

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