This page presents ways you can print the documents posted on this Web site. While hyperlinking to http://www.batteryfaq.org/ is highly recommended because it is frequently updated, many of you would like a printed copy. Some have asked why the FAQ and supporting documents were divided into smaller Web pages. The answer is because the FAQ was becoming so large that some readers were experiencing time-outs when trying to view it while using their dial-up Internet connection. The choice was between eliminating some of the graphics or breaking up the FAQ into smaller pages. Also, there is a zipped (.zip) file of all documents and graphics contains of this Web site. It can found at Battery.zip.

19.1. Printing With Graphics Using Microsoft Word (Recommended)

This is especially useful when you want to combine a number of Web pages into one document and print it.

19.1.1. Unzip Battery.zip into a directory.

19.1.2. Using the Insert Files command, insert the .htm Web pages into a blank document.

19.1.3. As desired, edit the document and insert page breaks using Insert Break command.

19.1.4. Use the Print command to print the document.

19.2. Printing With Graphics Using a Browser

Use your Web browser's Print command. Printing directly from your browser could cause some portions of the pages to be cut off, so resizing your pages to fit on your printer, reformatting, or printing in the "landscape" mode is recommended.

19.3. Printing Without Graphics

Using your Web browser's Save As command, save the Web page as a text (.txt) file and print the text file using a word processor, Notepad, Workpad, DOS Print command, or a text editor.

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